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Paternity Cases

Paternity Cases present unique circumstances that are subject to specific laws under the Statutes of Wisconsin. Each case is different, some preceded by a long relationship between the parties, while others are very brief.

Happy father and daughter in the garden

The Child’s Interests

Paternity cases address DNA testing and determination along with custody, placement, support, and tax dependency issues. Initially serving as the attorney for the Child Support Agency and for the last 30 years in private practice, Attorney Stengel has represented mothers and fathers alike effectively in hundreds of paternity cases in Circuit Court.

Establishing Paternity

If both parties agree on the identity of the father, we can move on to the question of child support. However, in cases where the identity of the father is in question, the court may order a DNA test to prove (or disprove) the identity of the father. Most child support actions are retroactive to the child’s date of birth unless the parties agree to a different arrangement.

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