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Satisfied Clients of Attorney Stengel

Lisa Stengel was the best decision we could have made when choosing a local attorney to help us navigate through a very complicated and emotional family court situation. She was very helpful throughout the entire process, listening, asking us questions, and advocating for us. She listened to our history, issues, and concerns with attentiveness and interest. She helped us to understand what to expect during every stage of the process as it evolved and unfolded. She always answered our questions between meetings with prompt and helpful responses. Whether in her office or the courtroom, she was always professionally dressed and mannered, punctual, and well prepared. She guided us with compassion and respect and reminded us that no matter how tough the process got (which it did at times challenge our emotional strength and endurance), to never lose sight of why we were there. Lisa is a mother herself and therefore, possesses that ingrained understanding of parental relationships and family dynamics, but she also brings forth wisdom that I assume can only come from many years of dedicated work experience. Lawyers are regular people too, and therefore, there exist all kinds. There are certainly stereotypical "sharky", "dirty" lawyers that exist in the field, but it is not true that you need one of those to win your case. Sometimes you just need a wise, educated, assertive, and articulate person to advocate for you and help you fight for family justice. I would highly recommend anyone looking to hire a dependable, professional, respectable, experienced lawyer, to call Lisa Stengel.


My kids are home! As the title suggests my kids are home. When I first met Lisa I had made a terrible mistake and had signed a temporary custody agreement and let my ex take our kids out of the house and county already. This put me in a very bad position once I realized that things were not going to go as well as I had hoped. Lisa was recommended by our family attorney and others to whom I had enquired. Lisa helped my family and me through a two-year-long heavily contested divorce and custody battle. During the last two years, I had been investigated numerous times by Social Services and had false allegations made agenced me to the police not only by my ex but also by my kids. Parental alienation was a huge Factor in my case and was very hard to prove to the guardian ad litem however by the end everything was made clear to the guardian ad litem and the judge. Fighting a custody battle as a father is already an uphill battle and I truly believe I would not have my kids home today if it were not for her. During the three days in court, I got to see the differences between a skilled and knowledgeable attorney and one that was not so much. Lisa was very organized and cross-examinations were very well thought out. She will continue to be my go-to person for any issues regarding family law.


Lisa was very approachable and professional. She handled herself very well both inside and outside of the courtroom. She communicates equally well with everyone. She responded to my questions framing them in a manner useful to me. I'm glad I hired her. She was very conscious of being as efficient as possible.

I was going through a rough time in my life pending divorce proceedings and Lisa was my savior for that time period. Her expertise in this area was outstanding in my opinion. Whenever I had a question or concern she had the answer and knowledge on how to proceed. Her knowledge made me feel better about my situation and she always put things I was anxious or worried about in perspective. The outcome of my situation exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone in need of counsel.


As I experienced life-changing times - due to life-changing health issues leading to having to face the difficult marriage needing to conclude to enable recovery...I hired Atty Stengel after consulting with her. The incredible horrible life-changing days for our blended family changes were horrible, Atty Stengel's supportive advice & outgoing personality was a gift from Heaven to enable stability to support strength to journey thru unimaginable times. Definitely a 5 STAR survey in a time one needs care in a situation one needs guidance.


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